The act of strapping a dildo to the cranium (i.e the top of te head) and then running head first towards your partner (male or female) and the dildo penetrating and pleasuring them.
Adam: I heard you liked snorking?
Jamie: Yeah, I totally snorked your sister AND your mum last night.
by Lewbo October 27, 2011
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Derived from "Social Networking." The act of using social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Once the bloggers had exchanges links, they snorked each other's posts, and thus, they were snorking.
by JJBettencourt September 09, 2011
A cross between snore and an oink (like a pig).
Do you hear that? What is it?

That's just Scamp, he's snorking!
by Trashy'sMom May 01, 2009
The art of Funneling (See Funneling) a tasty beverage, must be alcoholic, through a snorkel. Giggity!
I am going to be "Snorking" on a catamaran in Cuba, consuming "free" alcoholic beverages.
by Aged Punk March 10, 2012
what the cool kids call snorkling
the weather's great for snorking
by MattelToys October 10, 2008
the fine art of sniffing girls bicycle seats
did you see those girls on the bikes headed to the beach?

yea, lets follow them and do some snorking !
by x2f101011 October 08, 2010
the art of talking to long-haired jews at 3 in the morning.
"i go snorking with the snorks...underwater with the sharkyy"
by thedrowningbathtubs38386868 April 06, 2009

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