Frat-house term for an unsatisfactory orgasm. The term is often used to describe a relatively disappointing ejaculation (cum shot) in a pornographic movie.
Man, Frank bought that French porn movie and we thought it was going to be real cool, but in the end, it was nothing but a snorgasm.
by Frank Klaune March 05, 2004
Top Definition
A power snooze function on an alarm clock vibrator that is worn in your panties and wakes you up with pleasure. Lets you have an erotic snooze.
"Oh man, I was 2 hours late into work today, I kept on hitting the snorgasm button".
by Tonyem November 14, 2011
What occurs when the Snorgtees ad appears on your computer screen.
Those Snorgtees shirts are ugly but the model was so hot i got a Snorgasm.
by IWFP November 02, 2010
Extremely blissful sleep
I was so tired after working a double-shift that when I went to bed I had a snorgasm and drooled all over the pillow.
by Bob Slug June 25, 2010
One hell of a boring sex partner.
"I thought the beers would loosen your mom up, but man, she was a frickin' snorgasm."
by JT December 26, 2004
When you fake an orgasm so you can (finally) go to sleep.
I was so tired last night that I had a Snorgasm so I could finally go to sleep.
by Faster Redhead May 25, 2016
NOT a sexual thing

1. A boring event
2. The sensation of nearly falling asleep
Let’s have a mother-daugher night.

Sounds like a real snorgasm
by TheGoyWonder January 22, 2013
A physical reaction to sexual intercourse that can occur in both males and females, but is more commonly associated with males. It is characterized by falling asleep and snoring almost immediately after reaching an orgasm.
The climax of sexual intercourse is often followed by a snorgasm.
by Archeo Bob November 10, 2009
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