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Extremely blissful sleep
I was so tired after working a double-shift that when I went to bed I had a snorgasm and drooled all over the pillow.
by Bob Slug June 25, 2010
43 27
A power snooze function on an alarm clock vibrator that is worn in your panties and wakes you up with pleasure. Lets you have an erotic snooze.
"Oh man, I was 2 hours late into work today, I kept on hitting the snorgasm button".
by Tonyem November 14, 2011
54 7
What occurs when the Snorgtees ad appears on your computer screen.
Those Snorgtees shirts are ugly but the model was so hot i got a Snorgasm.
by IWFP November 02, 2010
41 13
One hell of a boring sex partner.
"I thought the beers would loosen your mom up, but man, she was a frickin' snorgasm."
by JT December 26, 2004
67 58
NOT a sexual thing

1. A boring event
2. The sensation of nearly falling asleep
Let’s have a mother-daugher night.

Sounds like a real snorgasm
by TheGoyWonder January 22, 2013
3 1
Frat-house term for an unsatisfactory orgasm. The term is often used to describe a relatively disappointing ejaculation (cum shot) in a pornographic movie.
Man, Frank bought that French porn movie and we thought it was going to be real cool, but in the end, it was nothing but a snorgasm.
by Frank Klaune March 05, 2004
26 24
Esentialy a realy good word for a wet dream
guy 1: I had a snorgasm last night

guy 2: a what

guy 1: you know at wet dream

guy 2: why the hell are you telling me that?
by Izzwhizz May 30, 2010
6 5