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When you are receiving a blow job and the person performing the blow job falls asleep in the process and begins to snore.
Matt: Nic, I heard that chick gave you a Blowjob?

Nic: Blowjob? That shit was a Snorejob. She fell asleep right when it got good!
by Matt - DrLawls August 09, 2008
When both parties fall asleep during a blowjob and the penis stays hard from the vibrations created by snoring.
My girfriend gave me the best snorejob last night - she fell asleep while she was suckin' me but continued to suck my cock with her hardcore snoring.
by wonderwoman73 September 03, 2008
Snore job: The only way a married man can get a blow job from his wife, ie: The Honeymoon is over
1. Man that woman can snore...she's going to suck the blankets off the bed..oh wait a minute- What baby? you say you want to give Big Poppa a "Snore job"

by Buford December 22, 2005
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