A person who cannot stay awake passed 8pm!!!
Look at the time, it's early yet, what a snoozy!
by Snoozy May 28, 2007
Top Definition
nick name for a guy who is very quiet but has a crazy inside personality

he is very quiet and may seem boring but is a different person when he gets to know someone better

tends to be good with girls and loves being alone with them
ohh you see that guy over there my friend told me he was a snoozy
by SWAG NAMES February 23, 2009
The feeling of being more tired than drousy.
Mikey was very snoozy as he sat on the bus.
by MissBetch! yaaa♥ October 20, 2009
a person who always presses the snooze button and refuses to get up
"i don need a snoozy in my troop",said the officer
by kunal pal November 25, 2006
a person who is always looking sleepy or bored or tired and is very quiet

but has a completely different inside personality with girls
1. hes such a snoozy, remember yesterday he was all quiet and what i herd from her hes a great EVERYTHING.

2. Hey snoozy herd you werent so quiet on saturday night.
by N-names February 23, 2009
adj. another way of saying pussy or coward. It is used to describe someone.
1. Reggie, man you snoozy.
2. You are a snoozy azz nigga.
by Angel R. a.k.a Dionre July 24, 2008
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