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The holiest of all buttons witch normally lets you sleep for an extra 5 mins witch may or may not increase after every hit
I hit the snooze button 5 times this morning and was late for first hour
by Hellrazor80 September 26, 2006
falling asleep after sexual intercourse without first de-coupling from your partner
He was so drunk that he gave her the snooze button, and she thought he died or something!
by TheNest May 22, 2005
when a girl is pregnant, her belly button that starts to pop out
-so how far along are you
-about 5 months, cant you tell, the snooze button is coming out
by Bibi h February 15, 2008
A persons nose. When squarely punched will knock the person out. You are hitting their "snooze button" and putting them back to sleep.
Dude, he was all in your face talking trash, next thing you knew you swung and he was out on the ground. You must of hit his snooze button.
by Mr. Dean November 24, 2009