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The one and the only D O double G
G's up Ho's down all you motha fuka's bounce to this
by nate February 03, 2003
A new way to say someone stole me.
We use to say it concerning the joint. While you're giving it to a folk and someone suddently catch it from your hand.

To snoop (snoop; snope; snoop)

I heard some french using it, maybe this is came from them !
("enfoiré, il m'a snnopé mon vélo")
_You want some of this shit.
_Wait a minute, you've got to pay a taxe before.
_Gad damm, he snope my joint !
Oh my god he's snooping my girl !
I told you, every time you snoop a friend, you're snooping your self afterall.
Did you snope it ? I mean its the easy way to get it !
by Metronum December 15, 2005
To engage in a morally corrupt sexual encounter.
Generally a one night stand, performed after having chatted with, drank with, convinced, or in some way conned a member of the opposite sex in to sexual activity.
Consensual, far from rape, but hardly something you talk about with your partner afterwards.
Friend 1: I saw you and Jenna seemed to be getting along ok...
Friend 2: Yeah, we talked for a while at that party. She was kind of drunk.
Friend 1: Drunk?
Friend 2: Indeed, I had to drive her home...
Friend 1: Did you snoop the bitch?
by Backspin December 02, 2005
(n.) One who recieves 0 points or kills in a round of a FPS game.
Player1: damn, no kills this round... ><
Player2: SNOOP
Player3: Snoop!!!
Player4: snoop!1
Player3: A Snoop you are. gg
by Steven1337 August 27, 2005
Snoop - Term used usually by people of "African American" descent to describe women of all kind, usually HOT women.
LeRoy - Hey my Nig... did you see dat snoop over there?

LaTarrance - Yeeh nigga... that lil snoop can get the snake.
by mmoef10 October 19, 2010
To place a funnel in someone's butthole and pee into it from three or four feet away.
Dude, he's passed out... let's snoop him!
by Thistle McClain July 10, 2008
to take a shit, usually a very satisfiying one
Yo, i just took the moneyest snoop.
by BAram March 19, 2007
when your chatting up a are snooping her!
james:i was taliking to emma last nite
steve:did ya snoop her?
by zlim July 09, 2005

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