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to snoop, snooping, a snoop, the snoopee

A Snoop is when a player failz to get a kill within all 5 rounds of a map in Gore Special Edition (or Retail). Named after a player who has managed to demonstrate his failing playing skills by snooping not ten times, but probably over a thousand times. Obviously his name was Snoop aka Snooperz.

Snoop = 0 kills in 5 rounds of a map.
Snoops are a sign of absolute failz and no excuse is tolerated.

When said Snoop occurs everyone who has at least some kind of personality should make the Snoop call like so:

The penalty for a Snoop is public ridicule and personal embarrassment. Please have fun and enjoy. Snoops are fun for all except the snoopee.

Only snoops by known players or players who have some skill are acknowledged. Noob snoops are not recognized or cared about.

If he/she snoops a second time in a row it is a double snoop. 3 times triple snoop. 4 times quad snoop etc...

Thanks to Peach!
Acromus: "You are about to snoop."
Carter: "Holy shit I didn't notice. I have to get a kill. I have to concentrate!!!"
Acromus: "I will put all my energy into avoiding you getting a kill."
Acromus: "SNOOBOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Silly Sam: "Snoops are ok in Clan Wars!" (Obviously they are not!)


Thou Shall Not Snoop!
by Acromus May 06, 2010

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