a true gangsta rapper who has been in jail and out...
he is among the best rappers ever..
and the 2nd best alive..next to 50 cent and tied with xzibit he did a super smash hit p.i.m.p. among with 50 cent and g-unit
omfg!! snoop dogg live? here? (has coma of the emotion)
snoop dogg talking to me?!?!? (dies of the emotion)
snop dogg: im a mother fucking crip!
by omfg i love ur mom October 15, 2007
a.One of the worst rappers of all time
b.Woman degrader
c.Loves to get high all day and write songs about it
d.He is a player.
e.Likes to write songs about getting women
naked, smoking weed, and dropping like it's hot (which makes no sense).
"You are such a Snoop Dogg!"
"Kanye West is a LOT better than Snoop Dogg, atleast he doesn't talk about getting women naked."
by Gina March 30, 2005
A commercialising rapper
still a good rapper
was a memeber of NWA
hes a comercial so hes like "mars! Good taste in a rapper!"
by timmeh! February 17, 2005
A ok rapper who claims to be a crip when he reelly aint. long beach crip... man fucc dat shit!
wigga: snoop dogg iz a pimp fa shizzle
me: (pulls out a 9mm en pulls trigger) SHUT UP!!!
wigga:......(nothin hes fucc dead) lol
by southcentralian October 25, 2004

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