A loose smelly vagina that has more hair on it than bigfoot. It usually looks like it has been ripped inside out and would make u puke when you look at it.
Dude last night I brought this really hot hooker to my house, but when she pulled her thong down she had the most disgusting snoochpuss i have ever seen! Dude i puked for 10 minutes and it made me almost shit my pants at the sight of it.
by $HEENSTER December 05, 2008
a vagina that has been fucked countless times and hasn't been washed in ages and has enough hair to make a coat,boots and probably a hat.
dude I was going to fuck this girl but she had a goddamn snoochpuss!
by $heenster November 27, 2008
a large hairy unwashed vagina
bryans girlfriend has a snoochpuss.
by $heenster November 24, 2008

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