Old country word for crap.
Don't step in that cow snoochie.
by J Chris Campbell January 18, 2004
Top Definition
Cannibus grown to perfection.
Damn, this snoochies good.
by heavy-d March 10, 2003
The female sex organ
I like to go out on a Friday night and get my snoochie banged just like all the other girls.
by buccofan January 17, 2007
A tall stringbean of a man with brown hair who causes shit to go down and always argues.
That fricken snoochie got drunk and ruined the party.
by snooch-0 August 13, 2010
A snoochie is a wet pussy.
Yo man, I got some snoochie last night.
by Coty Shcvlater November 27, 2007
something small and tiny and cute.
Oh goodness, that little kitten is such a tiny snoochie!
by kecomer September 03, 2007
a bald dude, someone completely devoid of hair on their head. (used as a description, not necessarily an insult.
Yo, watch out for that snoochie. he's gonna steal your hat!
by Robert Marbury August 03, 2007
a flacid, emaciated carrot found in the refrigerator, usually in a hidden corner.
While moving in to his new appartment, Jim came across a wet snoochie in the fridge.
by jim shit December 10, 2003
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