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Cannibus grown to perfection.
Damn, this snoochies good.
by heavy-d March 10, 2003
When a person farts as they walk past you and some buds.
Damn, man the dirty kids fucking crop dusted us again!
by heavy-d March 12, 2003
The richest and most exotic of all intoxicating beverages. Brought to you by the M.F.F.....and its cheap too!
Hey bro I just got 3.75 in luch money lets go get us some SHNANKE MANKE it's the best dranke i thanke?
by heavy-d March 09, 2003
The pumps at shitty gas stations located in popular white trash areas... there's shit on the pump handles....
Let's stop by shit'don dehandol gaz ....nah theys gots dirty handles.
by heavy-d March 09, 2003
When you reach "flube" you will reach liberty.
See johnny it all happened when FLUBE came around at ...well.....it set out souls free.
by heavy-d March 09, 2003
The Cuban guy in your fourth block calss who's testicals show through his wranglers.... and boy are they HUGE.
Hey man we need a another player for kickball. ....Should we ask BALIOS EXTREMOUS....nah h'ell just be in the way..
by heavy-d March 09, 2003
Rather gum like surface near anus and testicals. Also know for being a cool as mofo.
Hey, pack you wanna get a bag?
by heavy-d March 10, 2003
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