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A dorky suburbian girl who is infatuated with the idea of being a gangsta, despite being blaitently white, but still remains to be able to pull it off without looking too foolish. Not to be confused with a Snow Hoe.
"wow kristen is such a sno ho, she can act like a wigger and no one really makes fun of her"

" WOW katie is such a Snow Hoe, she is sooo annoying"
#beauty #wigger #smart #classy #redonkulus
by themightyCP April 16, 2007
Any teenage girl who live in the Snohomish, WA area. Usually wearing too much makeup, looks like a slut, and wears push up bras while playing sports.
Person 1: "Who are we playing this weekend?"

Person 2: "Snohos."
#snohomish #snowho #bitches #sluts #sex-addicts
by wtafidgaf July 01, 2011
Word one uses to describe a girl or woman wearing ug boots, or anything that resembles a yeti or wooly creature
janie has on ug boots she is a sno ho
by Matt December 12, 2004
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