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Getting tropical sno and going to someone's house to watch a movie..normally done on a sunday with your closest friends
Hey!! It's sunday! Time for our Sno Mo!
by squad puke trend May 26, 2009
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An individual who dresses in the lastest brightly colored snow vehicle attire. The snomo cannot handle extreme temperatures. This person may not actually own, ride, or have been in the pressence of an actual snowmobile, but that does not stop them from agressively attempting to resemble an actual snowmobilist.
Look at that dude with his new Polaris jacket, what a snomo!
by Borg-9 November 17, 2005
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A homosexual with a large quantity of jizz covering their face
Look at the load on that snomo's face!
by facial bukake December 05, 2013
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1. The slowdown that occurs when roads have snow or ice on them.

2. The pace of walking in the snow.
1. "It took me an hour to get to work this morning because the roads iced over and all these idiots were driving in super sno-mo."

2. "I couldn't get from the car inside fast enough, but the drifts are so deep I was walking in sno-mo."
by SSH1 December 08, 2006
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