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noun, 1. a loudmouth who can’t keep her shit on the down low; 2. a slut; 3. the equivalent of a snitch.
Hey, so don't tell anyone about the prank.

Madeline want to know our prank???

Snizzy, don't fuck this up!
by yayarea415650510 June 02, 2010
Scoring a goal in hockey
Had a dirty snizzy tonight
by muckbarns January 24, 2010
adj., 1. of or relating to "snizz" or female genitalia generally or to women, usually hot ones; 2. something complicated, embroiled, generally negative; 3. sometimes used interchangeably with minegar
Whoa, look at that snizzy girl -- I bet she's dirty!

It was a snizzy situation, man, way too complicated to explain.
by Michael June 20, 2005
Word meaning "Sniper Rifle" in Halo 2.
Cover me with the Snizzy, I'm going for the Rizzy!
by MajesticExplosio April 29, 2005
Variation of snazzy - used when snazzy has been overused in one conversation - you know, to mix it up a bit...
"That lolly is so snizzy babe!"
by Zoecb October 21, 2004
blow nose candy cocaine
where can i get some of that snizzy
by quaker23 August 22, 2003
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