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Word meaning "Sniper Rifle" in Halo 2.
Cover me with the Snizzy, I'm going for the Rizzy!
by MajesticExplosio April 29, 2005
noun, 1. a loudmouth who can’t keep her shit on the down low; 2. a slut; 3. the equivalent of a snitch.
Hey, so don't tell anyone about the prank.

Madeline want to know our prank???

Snizzy, don't fuck this up!
by yayarea415650510 June 02, 2010
Scoring a goal in hockey
Had a dirty snizzy tonight
by muckbarns January 24, 2010
adj., 1. of or relating to "snizz" or female genitalia generally or to women, usually hot ones; 2. something complicated, embroiled, generally negative; 3. sometimes used interchangeably with minegar
Whoa, look at that snizzy girl -- I bet she's dirty!

It was a snizzy situation, man, way too complicated to explain.
by Michael June 20, 2005
Variation of snazzy - used when snazzy has been overused in one conversation - you know, to mix it up a bit...
"That lolly is so snizzy babe!"
by Zoecb October 21, 2004
blow nose candy cocaine
where can i get some of that snizzy
by quaker23 August 22, 2003