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A very approachable and desiriable vagina that bears no offence to the nose. The vagina must have a high affinity (attraction) and makes one want to attend, or play with for a longer than normal amount of time.

The word may used to describe a vagina's aesthetics, scent, and taste. It may also be used to holistically describe a girl that is attractice, clean, elegant, and has a high probabililty of a nice vagina.

The root words include sniff, vagina, and delicious, loosely arranged into a compound word that simply rolls of the tongue (and one might say in the vagina). Found in the same word family as supercalligfrag...etc.
1)To describe a vagina: Last night I went down on my new girlfriend. I had not yet tasted her vagina, it was better than honey and one sniff wasn't enough... she had the most snifilagous vagina.

2) To describe a girl: she's far from trash, gorgeous, classy, clean... she's has to be snifilagilous.
by JT-vegas March 30, 2007
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