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A large, green duck-eating monster with an elephant's trunk and punk-like hair.
"Half of the ducks in my garden pond have been eaten by a snerb."
by aztec06 May 24, 2008
Fully grown Fnord that lives in solitude. Dedicating themselves to the training of becoming a Snerbinator In sizes up to 5'10" and weighing as much as 135kg or 280lbs. they self educate through discarded magazines such as FHM, Playboy and Time. They masturbate frequently when not in training to form much needed callouses which enable them to grip various weapons.
Look at that huge Fnord over there.
Thats not a Fnord, thats a Snerb training, just look at the size of his right arm and those callouses.
by David November 18, 2004
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