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The epitome of brawn's, sexy, and intelligence.
OMG Shankuntal, look at that guy over there. He is so Sneh!
by Dick are for Chicks April 28, 2009
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Emotions, Qualities, Feelings, Experiences, anything that belongs to or relates to a Platonic Love relationship.

A sweet feeling when you know you are in love with no expectations from your end. You just want to give away yourself for nothing in return.
The feeling of snehs wont let me get her out of my mind ever.

Its not easy to get snehs in your relation unless u love her more than anything in this world.

Girl, are you following the way of snehs in your relationship?
by snehs September 21, 2012
1: synonym for snow.
2: used to express happiness and delight regarding an observation or newly gained information.
1: look, sneh!
2: sneh! or Thats pretty sneh actually.
by Bearcare Mc'duckpants October 23, 2010
An expression of exhaustion or apathy.
by bobby March 14, 2003
Dirt and lint found between the underside of the penis and the scrotum, predominantly in overweight males or transgenders.
Roy: "Is this the most sneh you've ever seen? I haven't washed in a month!"
by JaseOfBase February 17, 2010

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