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Describes a party where there are a lot of girls and few guys.
Dude this this party is snatchtastic!!!
by Senor Snatch56 March 19, 2007
Proper Noun:


A Game played with 2 or more men, overseen by a female 'Snatch Adjudicator'. Whereby the purpose of the game is to identify '7s' or above within a given time limit. Truly experienced players use a more complex ruleset which is kept secret.
How a game of Snatchtastic should be played-

One of two guys- "I call SNATCH!"
Snatchjudge- "Yeh, she's an 8"
Second of two guys, "Oh dear, I appear to have lost this round!"
by CozzyWestside July 28, 2010
One who can suck a bong and drink alki-hole through their nose while pissing pure red bull onto their computers.
by thischarmingman June 25, 2003
1proper noun Snatchtastic: Very famous insane clown that has been seen chasing young girls in the Seattle area.
2Snatchtastic used to describe a poon of perfection.
OMG...Sup my kneeeeeee grooooow Snatchtastic? Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahha!

Sheeeeeeit...thats a hellva snatchtastic,like to check her oil.
by THE_CLONE June 22, 2003
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