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1. A mexican meal combining natchos and tacos (it's delicious !)
2. A mexican hoe

"This snatchos is full of snatchos"

- Do you want snatchos ?
- Yes, double sour cream
by Paul12 November 17, 2007
A meal that is a fusion between Tacos and Nachos, or a mexican hoe
This Snatchos is hungry for snatchos
by Didz November 16, 2007
When you like a girl from her clit to her ass
hunny im in the mood for snatchos....
by Elephant rider August 14, 2003
The vulgar term for, act of, or final product of grating up a girl's clit, melting cheese on the shavings, then eating it.
I really want to ssnatcho that girl's beautiful snatch.

I am getting arrested for snatchoing that girl last night.

I could really go for some snatchos right about now.
by grossex January 23, 2012
A sexually oriented breakfast cereal, commonly consumed by young schoolchildren prior to boarding the bus in the morning.
Miguel ate his snatchos quickly while packing his backpack to go to school.
by Dseph October 26, 2008
Generally a crime committed by a junky or someone in desperate need of cash

Purse Snatch, Theft of a womans wallet
"Should of seen Dave...the boys were chanting "snatcho-man" coz he was doin' so many purse snatch's"

"I'm tryna scrape up for hit mannn...gotta do a snatcho"

by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
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