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An underage girl. usu. hot.
Person1: Whoa that chick is hot, man!
Person2: Damn, she's a snatchling, dude!
Person1: I don't care, look at that ass!
Person2: What is she, like 12?
Person1: No way! She's at least 13.
by ROBOTRON2012 April 02, 2009
1 7
young talent
Person 1 Check out that girl she is gorgious. Person 2 Dont bother she's too young she is a Snatchling
by Slothrah February 05, 2009
12 1
The minion or toady of a Douche Lord
That Douche Lord wasn't satisfied with the attention he was getting, so he unleashed his little snatchlings to infiltrate and eaves-drop on every conversation at the party and report back to him.
by Axarca August 10, 2011
2 5