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Adjective; The disgusting hair growing upon a womens face, alot of times in mass proportions

Noun; Hilary Clinton

Verb; The act of throwing up after notcing the noun version of Snasty on the women's face that is standing next to you

A combination between Sick and Nasty
"Dude Alex, check out the Snastys on that chick!"
by Dylan Duff April 21, 2007
A combination of Sick and Nasty to form a single word.
Whoa! That party was Snasty!!
by Snasty Z July 28, 2008
A nasty snatch. (A.K.A. vagina)
That hooker has a snasty.
by ZoeKay July 03, 2009
a combination of the words slut and "nasty."
Used to describe a person who is so promiscuous that their actions become too disgusting to speak of.
D: Did you hear about what the chick did with that guy down by the ravine?
R: Yeah, I don't even want to think about it. She is a total snasty!
by Maria "One Hug Only" C. July 10, 2008
1. a combination of being both slutty and nasty.
Andrea got dumped for a snasty whore.
by Andrea McLeod April 28, 2004
Horrible weather, when it is snowing. "snowy" + "nasty"
Staying home is definitely an option when it is snasty outside, snow, wind and rain are not pleasant at all
by Hable_con_ella December 09, 2010
1.the combination of sick and nasty. Not as in cool, but as in disgusting.

2. to describe somthing as both sick and nasty in a disgusting way.

ex. Ew! did u see that kids face, his acne is snasty.

ex. That kid is snasty on a surf board.
by Sameg June 03, 2006