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A combination of Sick and Nasty to form a single word.
Whoa! That party was Snasty!!
by Snasty Z July 28, 2008
a combination of the words slut and "nasty."
Used to describe a person who is so promiscuous that their actions become too disgusting to speak of.
D: Did you hear about what the chick did with that guy down by the ravine?
R: Yeah, I don't even want to think about it. She is a total snasty!
by Maria "One Hug Only" C. July 10, 2008
Adjective; The disgusting hair growing upon a womens face, alot of times in mass proportions

Noun; Hilary Clinton

Verb; The act of throwing up after notcing the noun version of Snasty on the women's face that is standing next to you

A combination between Sick and Nasty
"Dude Alex, check out the Snastys on that chick!"
by Dylan Duff April 21, 2007
1. a combination of being both slutty and nasty.
Andrea got dumped for a snasty whore.
by Andrea McLeod April 28, 2004
1.the combination of sick and nasty. Not as in cool, but as in disgusting.

2. to describe somthing as both sick and nasty in a disgusting way.

ex. Ew! did u see that kids face, his acne is snasty.

ex. That kid is snasty on a surf board.
by Sameg June 03, 2006
Horrible weather, when it is snowing. "snowy" + "nasty"
Staying home is definitely an option when it is snasty outside, snow, wind and rain are not pleasant at all
by Hable_con_ella December 09, 2010
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