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That one crunchy,gangrene-coulred mutant chip found in every bag of patato chips.
"Damn, man! I bit into that durn ol' snarch chip! Taste like frozen skoal!"
by The Holy Mackerel March 02, 2010
28 8
a person that uses crafty manipulation to bring about a desired outcome.
I snarched my boyfriend into getting me an expensive birthday gift since he will be out of town for my celebration.
by steph jacobi March 02, 2009
7 8
the proper medical term for gooch /grundle
Dude you have and arch in your snarch
by Brian Dickson April 28, 2007
2 10
anal scuba diving licking the anus munching on the ass
i snarched that girl
by munoz September 14, 2007
5 17