When a guy mouth fucks a girl so hard, he snaps her neck.
Man, I knew Tyrone's monster cock was going to give her the snapping turtle sooner or later.
by Doug E. Fresh Barcelona November 13, 2007
Top Definition
When giving a slow blow job the girl bites the guys penis just before his climax.
The guy pissed me off so I gave him a snapping turtle.
by Puppy Dawg June 28, 2007
When having to deficate really bad, have your lover press their tongue between your butt cheeks, then trying to see how many times you can release and pull in the turd before pinching it off in their mouth.
Last night i snapped my turtle 11 times before i pinched it off in tiffany's mouth.

Greg: i just got dumped by my girl
Tony: what for?
Greg: i accidentally played the snapping turtle game when i had diarrhea, i totally shat all over her face.
Tony: That sucks a fat one dude.
by Saxon McCormick April 16, 2008
Someone who takes a long time to snap back
Jake: Damn Jacob play that music!
Jacob: hold on! I'm snapping!
Jake: wow, your such a snapping turtle!
by WildThang903 July 27, 2016
Someone that always Snapchats a video with a long time duration.
I told Evelyn "stop being a snapping turtle on Snapchat".
by Pretty FLVCKO'15 March 12, 2016
Someone who sends an excessive amount of snap chats. Someone may be considered a snapping turtle if they routinely snap every element of their day, or consistently have a snap story over 100 seconds.
"Did you see my snaps of the concert last night??"
"Yea dude, how could have I missed the 250 second story, you're quite the snapping turtle"
by nruss June 19, 2015
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