Applying pressure with a curled tongue to the salivary glands to squirt out a stream of saliva droplets into a subject's face, hair or on an object. Typically snaking takes place in elementary school since this is essentially spitting on someone and gets very gross, and would likely invoke a fist fight if caught.
Bradley sat behind michelle in class today and was snaking the back of her head without her even knowing about it. By the time class was over, her hair was soaked with spit.
by Doodie Head November 20, 2007
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cutting up some one in a queue or someones powder run in skiing/snowboarding
man 1: oi stop snaking mate
man 2: nah nah i got some friends up here holding me a place
by nathan davies November 06, 2005
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The act of going through life taking every possible shortcut and being an entitled and arrogant dick about ones success earned through that way of living.
Bro1: Where is Andrew?
Bro2: Skipping lectures, prolly. But he'll show up tomorrow to hand in the essay that his buddy wrote.
Bro1: Bam! Snaking through life like a mofo.
by EN34 July 27, 2016
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To put a small object into your foreskin. So called because the resulting penis looks like a snake that has swallowed a small mammal whole. This is also known as "One-Dicking".
Person 1: Why is this chocolate mini roll so warm?
Person 2: Oh, I was snaking it earlier. Fit the whole thing right in!
via giphy
by jaloopay1 January 23, 2017
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