A technique used in various Nintendo racing games, namely F-Zero GX, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, and Mario Kart DS. The technique consists of the player performing a drift-boost several times across a flat stroke of the racetrack (whereas you would usually drive in a straight line at a constant speed,) in order to get multiple speed boosts, thus going faster. The technique is relatively difficult to pull off, especially without banging into the sides off the track or running off the road onto grass/sand, etc. The technique is frowned upon by those who cannot perform it, because of it's overuse in online races. The name "Snaking" comes from the movement of a racer sliding back and forth across the track, which looks somewhat like the way a snake slithers.
Jon: I just got my ass handed to me by a f'in snaker all over Mario Circuit!
Bac: Man, I hate those snaking bastards.
by Rogultgot December 14, 2005
The act of a man flexing his PC (pubic) muscle in order to make his meatsword bounce up and down, not unlike a pimpmobile. This can be done anywhere, and can be very rewarding for both parties.
Ahh my bio teacher turns me on so hard, but how can I get away with anythin horny??

Bro just snake your way through that lesson!!


You can strap me down, remove my ability to move, but you'll NEVER take my awesome snaking power from me and my schlong!
by girthyman_69 November 06, 2010
To geek out on Adderall or other similar amphetamines.
"Packin' Patty, are you snaking your fucking balls off tonight?"

"Yeah got another one of Hendo's Meterology Tests"

by Jimbo Francois April 21, 2009
Sexual term involving two conditions: 1. Only used for break-up sex. 2. Must never be done at your house, only at your girlfriend's or soon to be ex.
Snaking is a form of anal sex. You start out like normal by performing anal sex. You then proceed to ejaculate in her anus. Then let your penis go limp while still in her rectum. Once your penis is limp quickly pull it out and back away. This will cause her anus to convulse and she will shit all over herself and the bed. Hence why you don't do it at your house. This makes the perfect break up sex because she will be so embarrassed that she will never want to talk to you again.
"Last night my girl wanted to break up, so I went to her house and I was snaking her! She hasn't called since!!"
by J. Cash March 12, 2009
The act of stealing a kill from a team mate in online first person shooter action.
YO! quit Snaking my Kills you noob fucker!!!
by Passive Menis August 01, 2009
A newer type of headbanging, often done to deathcore, in which the participant metalheads usually assume a wide stance, hands on their knees or in the air, and bang their whole body to the ground in a wavelike motion.
"I'm so fucking dizzy from snaking so much."
by Befall January 03, 2009
A line of 3 or more cars traveling above the speed limit on an interstate or highway, basically counting on there being "safety in numbers" to not get pulled over.

The members of the snake all remain travelling in the right lane until passing, at which point each car pulls into the left lane and then back into the right lane, appearing to "slither" around slower traffic.
"We had a pretty good snake going for about 40 miles until Johnny Law spotted us."
by snarbles January 01, 2004
Applying pressure with a curled tongue to the salivary glands to squirt out a stream of saliva droplets into a subject's face, hair or on an object. Typically snaking takes place in elementary school since this is essentially spitting on someone and gets very gross, and would likely invoke a fist fight if caught.
Bradley sat behind michelle in class today and was snaking the back of her head without her even knowing about it. By the time class was over, her hair was soaked with spit.
by Doodie Head November 20, 2007

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