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The snake hand is used when you try to mislead someone how far you can reach with your arm. By not streching it out fully you wait until the object comes to you and then make a fast move using those last inches you've "saved". A needed condition is that the other person's not able to see the whole arm.
"I stood in the shower and tried to reach the towel outside the cabin. Sarah was there and teased me by holding it very close to my hand. Fortunatly I used the snake hand and just "Snap!", took it from her!"
by triflet May 19, 2009

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Created by HM1 Duke, It is done when knifehand no longer has power. It is the most powerful object known to man. When given snake hand you must not run, you must follow all given orders! Chuck Norris has yet to be trained making HM1 the strongest entity in the universe!
HM1 snakehanded me and my kneecaps exploded!!!
by Paco-My-Taco October 17, 2012