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When a woman where's no underwear. Referring to the silver "snail trail" she will leave on places she sits.
"The boys are in for a treat tonight, I'm snail trailing!"
#commando #clamando #free flapping #free balling #no underwear #vaginal residue
by DJ-Chuckles November 06, 2009
Having some semen on the tip of your penis and dragging it across an individual's face in a trail like matter.
We went snail trailing at my big brothers sleepover.
#snail #trailing #penis #semen #tip
by Snail Trailer November 28, 2011
Those really annoying people who, when you're cycling, don't overtake but drive behind you for ages really slowly and menacingly! Mainly old people. Could also apply to high-school stalkers..
"This guy was snail-trailing me"
#cycling #trailing #slowly #stalking #following
by Myv November 27, 2006
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