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Tea (drink)
Oi Rich, I'm bloody parched. Get and make us a cup o' hot snadge ya lazy bastard!
by Woldypants August 06, 2012
A universal world, can mean anything and can be used in any word class
Example 1
Fagan: Nick, snadge on that snadge like
Nick: Naaa
Fagan: You snadgey bastard

Example 2
Paul: Here this party's shit
Ben: Aye a know let wu snadge
by joshwah13 February 24, 2011
thick gooey substace that flies out of the nose when you sneeze.
Daughter : ATISHOO!!!!

Mother : Oh for goodness sake get a hankie, you're getting snadge all over the place
by Carol Maxwell January 27, 2008