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A snack that resembles a sandwich in terms of its construction (a carbohydrate wrapping around a tasty filling), but is small enough to be held in only one hand and eaten while the person is running. Must be compact and tidy enough to not cause a mess while being eaten. Not to be used as a meal substitute.
I could really use a snackwich right about now.
by Charkface August 22, 2007
A sandwich that is not quite a snack, not quite a real sandwich. Usually eaten by them ritzy types.
I had a snackwich, and I was still hungry, so I killed a hooker.
by Patches' December 08, 2005
noun; a sandwich made mostly, or entirely out of the salvaged ruins of other snacks.
"Man, that snackwich I had yesterday almost killed me..."
by Neil Fleming January 15, 2004
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