synonym for "sack". used as code for drugs which are packaged in plastic sacks.
(on the phone)
chris-"what up big boy? got any more twankie snacks i can munch on?"
big boy-"yeah, stop by my babies maw-maws house."
by hightimesRgoodtimes February 28, 2004
giving oral sex for a short period of time, not resulting in orgasm.
Boy 1: "Did you eat that puss til she come?"
Boy 2: "Nah, I just had a snack, to warm her up."
by the_peepz February 17, 2009
The act or action of eating out a vagina.
Dude that snatch was so hard to keep in my mouth, had a little
road snack but she was doin 55 and swerving.
by Kelsordon February 06, 2008
A snack is an amalgamated word that stands for 'Sexy Knacker.'
It is used to refer to men who are very good looking and potentially easy to catch, but you would never keep them because they are rough and uncultured.
For this reason, they are referred to as snacks, as they are tasty treats, but you should never take them to dinner and never tell your parents you have had one, because they will disapprove.
Oh I had a tasty snack last night, total guilty pleasure.

I am just out of a relationship, I want nothing but snacks for awhile.

Do you have any snacks you could lend me for the weekend?
by RobbiThompson October 13, 2013
Cigarette, cigarettes.
Derived from East End (London) gang culture in the 21st century, specific to the organised crime faction known as The Firm.
"Smoking a snack..."
by Dr. P. Robbins March 14, 2005
An extremely hot guy....Man candy or also called a tasty treat. It's like a lunchable with a Capri Sun and a Reeses.....its a snack!!!
Look at that guy he is such a "Snack"
by K DUB aka BIG MAMA April 26, 2010
Adj. Cool, awesome, tight.

Noun. The supreme, the ultimate. The real stuff.
Dude, that was a hecka snack game!!
A is WAY snacker than B.
Man we the snackest kids in school.

He thinks he's the snack, but everyone knows he got no friends.
Hey this music is the snack.
by j wo June 24, 2006
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