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When something is smart and stupid at the same time, as in stupid for the idea, but smart for the outcome (and vice versa).

A lot of things Freeman did in the machinima Freeman's Mind were Smupid.
by andkjagyugfjhbm July 31, 2009
v. The act of knowing what to do and how to behave, pertaining to education, and choosing not to.
The student acted smupid when he needed to look up the meaning of the word, even though he was on a computer connected to the Internet.
by IslandWoman November 14, 2012
Someone who has no idea what the hell they're talking about (usually a result of either ignorance or stupidity)
Jim "Hey, PS2 sure is a great console!"
Rob "No it's not, you're smupid
by John B. June 20, 2003

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