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The act of using a frozen poo as a dildo.
I went smudging on saturday night.
by Lynette Archer January 22, 2007
An act of prayer among Native Americans involving the burning of sage, cedar or sweetgrass in an abalone shell, tin can, or other container that will hold the ashes safely.
The college student was expelled because the smell of his smudging was mistaken for marijuana.
by gabriel-ernest October 23, 2007
The act in which two females rub their vaginas together, or smudge their foreskins together.
A female comparative to the male docking, sometimes referred to as smocking.
Dude.. I just saw two chick smudging for about 10 minutes before they saw me.. it was sooo hot!
by D-Nonie March 22, 2011
When your dog drags their butt across the carpet.
Dude, your dog is smudging all over the house like a magic marker.
by thee_agrizzle July 31, 2012
The act of striking multiple matches, after a particular evil bowel movement; in the hope of banish the evil.
I spend the whole day smudging the apartment after that All You A Eat, White Chili dinner.
by BigSteveBrown January 04, 2013