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its when u get a longggg stick u put a white fluffy thingy and melt it on the fire :) and u get choclate and 2 flat breads and squish it together and its good without choclate :)kinda i only have half bc i dont realy like the white fluffy thingy and the bread lol makes my stomace feel icky :)
goin to go smoring :) at the hotel :)
by Foofie24 July 11, 2011
Verb. The act of superfluously talking about, bringing up, or annoyingly gushing about a significant other in conversation. S'moring may appear in conversations about significant others but is especially prevalent in conversations where the significant other reference is somewhat obscure to the point of random. S'moring.
Ex1: I apologize, I'm S'moring. Tell me about you.

Ex2: Caitlin would not stop S'moring about Allison.

Ex3: Jessica s'mored all dinner. Lucky we love her.
by ThatAgirl July 08, 2012

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