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The act of inserting marshmellows into the anus, placing your anus 2 inches above an open flame. After marshmellows have thoroughly melted remove anus and bend over allowing the marshmellow ooze to drip into your inner organs therefore reaching Nirvana.
"Dude Im still shitting marshmellows"
"First time making smorgans huh?"
"Yeah man, I never knew life could be so good."
by Chris Allport January 23, 2007
A super atheleti girl who has horrible b.o all the time and is a crazy sick dancer! Very akward and funny.
That girl is such a SMorgan
by I love smorgan September 23, 2009
Noun. A creature of beauty and wit, often found hibernating in cubicles. Thrives in an environment of CRT radiation.
In cubicle farms, smorgans are often found occupying desks.
by Ingenius Pseudonym January 25, 2005
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