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A girl who gets roofied, drunk, and fucked all in one day.
Kyle smored that bitch this weekend.
by Alex Micdezey February 24, 2010
The act of both shitting and jizzing at the same time
Eat my s'more
I just s'mored
by CrispyPoopshoot July 09, 2015
To be extremely stoned.
Dude i got so fucking smored last night!

I am smored out of my gord.

It looks like im gettin' smored tonight!
by Allcity October 18, 2009
the process of make smores.
we made smores over the campfire
by Jack September 21, 2003
While doing anal, pull out and pop a marshmallow into the gape of their hershey highway, then slide back in.
Last night I S'mored her asshole 4 times, she didn't even realize it.
via giphy
by Keltondlg July 07, 2016
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