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1. A kiss.

Typically a light-hearted or even platonic kiss -- but can refer to any type of kiss.

2. A favorite term for dirty old friend-of-the-family "uncles" or "aunts" to use when drunk at gatherings.
1. After their date Sally gave Joe a smootch on the cheek and they parted ways for the evening.

2. "Hhhey shweety, hhow 'bout a lil smootch for old Uncle Arnie, eh?"
by liveMike December 14, 2009
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The combination of alcohol and cocaine. Usually injected through the rectum via a turkey baster.

Due to the number of blood vessels in close proximity to the intestinal wall, the alcohol and cocaine makes its way directly into the blood stream and reduces the effects of a hangover.
"Dude, have you ever tried using smootch? It's insane!"
by eddy_valdez October 26, 2011
What you say to someone when they are blocking your way and you want to politely ask them to move.
**john's big grill is all up in the hallway and amy comes along**

Amy- "Smootches johnny boy!"
John- "oh, terribly sorry mam!"
by Adam23 June 26, 2005

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