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(Noun) The area in which one keeps its paraphernalia while smoking marijuana.


(Noun) One's collectionof marijuana paraphernalia brought out each time one smokes.
"You messed up my smoodge when you sat down!"

"Go grab the smoodge beforenwe sit down to watch Face Off."
by smileitsalexz September 01, 2013
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v. to squeeze between two people unceremoniously and without invitation.
Chantel: Emily, stop trying to smoodge between me and Taylor.
Emily: But there's no room anywhere else!!!
by EMYB111 November 02, 2010
1 1
when you tongue someones bum and then, with poo on lips, proceed to kiss your partner
Kyle smoodged you.
Kyle gave you some smoodge.
Kyle is a smoodge.
Kyle is the smoodge.
by tracknumberseven October 12, 2008
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