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A combination of the verb to smooch (to cuddle, kiss a little and perhaps even go as far as getting to 2nd base) and the last part of the word for the animal Kangaroo (Weird, furry, jumping animal, native to Australia. Often regarded as cuddly, soft and sweat which is actually a misconception as the bastards will kick the shit outta ya if you get too close. They also make great bbq meat. But that aside.)

You give your loved one a smoocharoo when you want to keep the end of your conversation short. Rather than getting into the whole 'I want to kiss you allover, hold you real tight, I'll miss you so much, You hang up first, No YOU hang up first; you just say: 'Smoocharoo, babe.'
Guy: 'Sorry girl but I gots to go'
Girl: 'Please don't go! I miss you already!'
guy: 'Big smoochafuckinroo shorty.'
girl: '... Smoocharoo baby!'

(Guy hangs up phone or walks away leaving girl with fantasy resulting in shiver down spine.)
by Dee_tox May 12, 2007
Like a kiss, but cuter. Mostly used online or in a text message to let the person know you miss them.
I am thinking of you and can't wait to be together, smoocharoo babe!
by Angelati May 15, 2007
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