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The later part of Sunday when one is busy working to be ready for Monday. Smonday is a very taxing period of time, usually involves no sleep the night between Sunday and Monday. Involves large amounts of caffeine intake. More relevant to business executives and students.
Example 1:
"I can deal with Monday but it's Smonday that kills me."

Example 2:
Boss: "Venkateswaran, lets have the reports ready on my desk by Monday morning. And enjoy your weekend buddy!"
Venkateswaran (to himself): "Enjoy my weekend my &*%! No sleep two Smondays in a row, damn it"
by Sriram Venkitachalam September 23, 2007
Strategically fusing your Sunday with your Monday using copious and various amounts of alcoholic beverages. On a Smonday one may be seen in his or her same attire he or she did or did not sleep in from the night before. Smonday will commence as soon as a Saturday is over.

In order to truly celebrate a Smonday, one must be extremely hungover from the night before.
"Oh my gosh! I saw Susie in that same outfit last night at the club, now she is drinking Mimosa's at Denny's and its only 11:30 am...she is having one hell of a Smonday!"
by ihearthandgrenades April 03, 2008
The magical day before Monday and after Sunday. The perfect day to plan to do things you can't really afford the time to do during the week. Alternatively, anything you can't remember when or if it happened, say it happened on Smonday.

Originated from some confusion when a weekly TV guide missed the date between a Sunday and a Monday, leaving the only explanation that the missing date fell on a Smonday.
"Do you fancy going to the theatre this week Bob?"
"Yeah, but I'm really busy and can't really afford it. Can we go on Smonday?"

"Do you remember when you tripped up and your wabs fell out in front of all the guys in that club?"
"Erm... that never happened!"
"Erm, yes it did! I think you'll find it was last Smonday."
by mary moo May 16, 2005

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