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The action of smoking a cigar, cigarette, joint or pipe with tobacco or marijuana while masturbating. Usually this is done in the company of another male, or on a webcam or video to be shared with other males who enjoy watching smoking + jacking off / masturbation.
I just downloaded this hot Smoke 'n Stroke video, this guy was lighting up a camel wide (cigarette) while jerking off.
by Electronicoffee October 18, 2007
a party consisting of only one person smoking and then engaging in stroking.
Last night I had an all night smokeNstroke.
by hillratt December 31, 2011
Smoking marijuana with your girlfriend or boyfriend and then having sex right after.
My girlfriend and I smoke 'n stroked last night, its so much better when you're both toked up
by archee_bandana January 14, 2011
smoking up before and/or while playin a round of golf.
akc you extremely ridiculously amazingly sexy bitch, lets pull a smoke 'n stroke at the country club today
by CG '06 February 22, 2006