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A smogonfag is an insult used to a person who devoutly follows the rules and tiering defined by Smogon, the wide-known "Competitive" Pokemon forums named after the German Koffing.They really think that pokemon could be a serious Strategy Turn-based game more than an entertaining child-directed RPG Game and they often insist with this point.

Always using a predictable strategy and protecting pokemon at all the costs, they whine about 3 recurring Pokemon-relathed themes:

1) Using entry hazards. In a nutshell, affects most of all Pokemon when they switch out. Moves such as Spikes, Toxic spikes, Stealth rock and Sticky web are one of the worst fears of these wondrous"Meta-Players", even if they carry a "Mighty Special Wall" (AKA Blissey) provided of only 3 supporting moves (Such as Toxic, Soft-Bolied, Protect or the very Stealth Rock.) just like a proof of his trust in this human (i.e failing) system of classify pokemon by its abilities (i.e tiering) .

2) Using "Uber" (above in German) or a "Pokemon that I can't find out a weakness." This can be proved by the often use of the tiering (One of the ways which they classify pokemon by its supposed battling utility) in which they forbid the "Legendary factor" for making the battle the most realistic possible. In order to preserve the strategist factor, they forbid the pokemon that don't fit on their standards.

3) Claiming to use favorite pokemon.
N00b: "Hey! Let's have pokemon battle!"
SF: "Ummm... Why not? I mean, obviously you are not prepared to match my /cough/ Perfect IV and Fully trained EVs /cough/ team pokemon
N00b: "Wait... What did you just said? eevees team? LOL! i want to see that."
SF: "Sure, let's begin."

//Dependig of the result of the battle SF will react of 2 different ways//
WINING: "Did you see that? Did you see that!? how could you forgot my blissey had a focus sash... And that it ended your Heracross with Counter. What a noob! "
LOSING: "Pshh... you just won because you used ilegal pokemon."
N00b: "Oh please, don't be a Smogonfag!"
by NotAnAlchemist February 27, 2014

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