a circle or group in which people engage in smoking cannabis.
"Hey you guys, get in this smircle if you want to hit his blunt."
by charli jo crocker/cody halford December 02, 2008
Noun; Many people gathering in a circle to smoke weed and are passing the dutchy pon the left hand side.
Blud, join the smircle
Duude, your breaking the smircle
by Germans November 04, 2007
abbreviation for 'small circle'
"Im afraid an impressive smircle button has fallen off your shirt!'"
by ClareL September 02, 2006
A group of people in one residence at one time in Turkey. Have been known to make repeated references to the beetle clip whilst taking the Lord's name in vain and moomoocacaing long into the night. Sometimes into Tuesday morning, but never EVER into Wednesdays.
Person 1: "Let's get the Smircle together at 4131B and dex it up!"

Person 2: "Chawoot!!!"
by Naked Apology November 16, 2007
a group of people
(any kind)
that dates only in their group
Such as a preppy person will only date another preppy person in the group of people they hang out with
person1:I really like John
person2:Too bad you have no chance
person1:Why not?
person2:He's in the smircle
by blahblahblahToobadNOoneListens September 07, 2006
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