When someone walks up to you pretending to be a friend and knees you in the groin as hard as they can.
"Can you believe Alison? She gave me the worst smiley today. I'm still walking funny."
"Don't be silly. That was just a little love tap."
by Mortechant July 06, 2015
The mark left on a person's body after being assaulted with a padlock in a sock.
Dude, I gave that bitch hella smileys.
by diacetylmorphine June 22, 2005
Cutting someone from the edge of their lips to their cheekbones, and forcing their mouth open, as opposed to the other definitions added here, which actually describe curbing
He said; "Give him a smiley"
by Cakeslob July 18, 2006
One who is almost always smiling except when pictures are taken of him/her.
Hey, there's smiley.
by smiley April 08, 2005
A tube shaped neck warmer that slips over your head.
It's only 28 degrees out today, you'd better wear your smiley or you'll freeze.
by izzy_g November 11, 2008
1. A cold, cough, virus, disease, etc.
2. A character which resembles a face of any emotion.
"I was smiley last night after eating that old food."

"Smileys allow you to express your current mood."
by Mark W June 01, 2005
The plural form of a smiley. When typed on any microsoft thing, it shows that both smilies and smileys are wrong.
Jack: "Hey dude, did you make those smileys I told you about?"

John: "Whoops, I forgot all about them. Isn't that supposed to be spelt differently?"

Jack: "What? I got this from Urban Dictionary.com, sheeze!"
by Udypmseo Logego March 27, 2009
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