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Cutting someone from the edge of their lips to their cheekbones, and forcing their mouth open, as opposed to the other definitions added here, which actually describe curbing
He said; "Give him a smiley"
by Cakeslob July 18, 2006
One who is almost always smiling except when pictures are taken of him/her.
Hey, there's smiley.
by smiley April 08, 2005
A tube shaped neck warmer that slips over your head.
It's only 28 degrees out today, you'd better wear your smiley or you'll freeze.
by izzy_g November 11, 2008
1. A cold, cough, virus, disease, etc.
2. A character which resembles a face of any emotion.
"I was smiley last night after eating that old food."

"Smileys allow you to express your current mood."
by Mark W June 01, 2005
Placing a Semi-unconscious persons mouth on the edge of a curb and stomping on the back of his head.
Thus causing the victim to have his cheek tissue torn into a bloody smile.
Dude I gave that prick Micheal a Smiley.
by xxxMattxxx August 20, 2008
The plural form of a smiley. When typed on any microsoft thing, it shows that both smilies and smileys are wrong.
Jack: "Hey dude, did you make those smileys I told you about?"

John: "Whoops, I forgot all about them. Isn't that supposed to be spelt differently?"

Jack: "What? I got this from Urban Dictionary.com, sheeze!"
by Udypmseo Logego March 27, 2009
Forcing a person to bite the sidewalk, as you kick the back of their head. Resulting in a toothless mouth.
See American History X
Edward Norton (AHX) displays the smiley:
"Bite the curb!"
by Hoonty April 04, 2006