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2 definitions by Mocoball

Smileys are normally used on msn, yahoo, aim, forums and almost anything were you can post things, inclduing texts. They are used to show how you feel without actually saying what you mean.
:)= happy
:( = sad
:P = silly
:O = shocked
:I = .....
:| = undeceided
8-) = happy
8-( = sad
8-O = shocked
by Mocoball May 31, 2005
30 28
Fat man who gets high on magic mushrooms then grows really big. His biggest rival is the mighty Bowser and he kicks Bowsers ass in every video game normally. Super Mario is also one of the most rekognisable icons in the video game buiseness.
"Hello i am Mario"

"I am Bowser"

"Die Bitch"
by Mocoball May 31, 2005
46 55