A little child, at least 2 years younger than Travis. A smik is very annoying, and pisses you off...A LOT.
Matson...Alex...Go the FUCK AWAY, you fucking smik!!!
by Liz N'Gina November 02, 2004
Top Definition
Smik is a compound word, made of small and the slang word for penis. It describes a guy who does things to compensate for his small penis. It can also be used to describe a douchebag.
Andrew bought a new Ferrari to impress girls.
Yeah, he's such a smik!
by gurrbage November 22, 2013
Something that is Funn., and you concider it cool.

A way of describing a situation, or person in a positive way.
"That was so Awesome"
"No it was SMIK!

"That boy is so SMIK"
by MikeyFuckingAmazing January 29, 2010
(noun) When you go out to smoke a cigarette with one of your friends.
Robert lets go out for a smik
by Fishhook23 January 29, 2010
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