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1. Texting with a sexy mexican about sex.
After that fiesta last night, I got this girls number and we smexting for a while, then smexed her all night long at her place.
by Hayhayhayhayhayhay November 04, 2010
(verb)The inevitable act of smiling while simontaneously flirtatiously text messaging someone whom you are perusing a relationship with.

Not to be confused with sexting, which comes much later in the texting-relationship timeline.
He has been smexting her eversense he got her phone number at the party two weeks ago.
by Aburch October 26, 2011
The act of flirtatiously smiling at a cute text, usually from a significant other.
1 "You obviously like her, you've been hardcore smexting for at least an hour."

2. "Lily, who are you smexting?! Don't act like i can't hear you giggling."
by Hasee March 26, 2011
Smiling and looking ridiculous when you see a text
Mary was smexting when her guy sent her a cute text
by jackson1430 May 26, 2011
The act of simultaneously smoking weed and texting back and forth. Both parties must be smoking at the same time in different locations for this to qualify as smexting.
We'll light up at 6? We'll be smexting around then.
by Candiana July 03, 2011
The act of sending a text message due to the boredom of standing outside due to smoking laws preventing indoor smoking.
John likes a puff once in a while, so he's currently outside smexting.
by Martin Ridd August 10, 2007
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