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From Dutch and German - Infinitive = Smelten (= To smelt).

The word is used in both Dutch and German, they are not the same language.


1). To smelt ore in order to get metal from it, or produce metal in this way. The separation of the metal usually requires a chemical change.

2). To undergo fusing or melting in the process of smelting.

3). Fish of northern waters: a small silvery sea or freshwater fish.

4). Smelt as food: the oily flesh of a smelt as food.

5). Past tense of to smell.

1). Smelting tin and copper ore into bronze bars.
2). The ores are being smelted.
3). Fish native to Northern waters. - from Family Osmeridae.
4). Flesh of Smelt fish (See definition 3).
5). Past tense of to smell - came from the fish that stank.
by Jafje September 16, 2007
Smelting is the act of running the penis up and down the front of the vagina against the clit. It should resemble a hotdog in the buns. It can be done before or after ejaculation. Usually done in the missionary position with the vagina, but can be executed in the buttchecks while doggying.
Girl: "Smelt me!"
Guy: "You got it, baby!"
Girl: "It's feels good, nice and warm."
Guy: "Looks good too. You should see it from my vantage point."
Girl: "Hand me the mirror."
by Ye Olde Balls September 28, 2009
the act of smelling something
I smelt of the candle and it smelt good.
by Brandi White August 18, 2006
To write ones initials on there partners chest with semen.
Ben marked his territory when he smelted all over Bethany's chest.
by Steve and Ben September 13, 2005
Pieces of loose skin on your ballsack that fall off.
Without use of lubrication while goofing off smelting occurs.
by Stephen Douglas March 29, 2003
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